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About Anitra

September 2017, New Mexico

September 2017, New Mexico

I have not walked a straight line toward a career in photography but it was while I was walking on a pilgrimage in Spain, on the Camino de Santiago, that I decided to take a leap of faith to pursue my lifelong dream. Initially I relied mainly on my iPhone which I enjoyed for its flexibility and immediacy. Now I shoot with both a DSLR and my iPhone.

I am drawn to urban and industrial landscapes. I love being around old places and imagining the history that took place there. I notice the way time affects objects, the smoothness of old stairs, patinas of rust and peeling paint. The Japanese have a term, wabi-sabi, to describe the beauty and richness that is inherent in old, imperfect things. As I photograph I often feel like I'm on an exotic trip, walking around with my camera. I experience the same excitement I do when discovering a new country while exploring an alleyway in Tulsa and finding a unique angle or a close up of a rusty bullet hole.

My photography has compelled me to pay deeper attention and increased my gratitude for my immediate surroundings. With my busy family life sometimes my backyard is the farthest I can travel and even there, using my macro lens I have found subjects and perspectives, that capture my interest and feel fresh and new: ice crystals outlining the edges of a leaf, the amazing architecture inside an echinacea flower. Through my macro lens I can view a while world in a few square feet. Photography has helped me see that there is beauty around us, no matter where we are, and to inspire others to see it too.